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  • Trevor Milne

    “Carthage is a college that provided me with a great education in multiple areas of study. While most other schools are known for either their music or STEM programs, Carthage has great programs for both.”

  • Madison Payne

    “Having positive relationships with the faculty here has helped me to create more opportunities for myself at Carthage, and it’s great knowing that I can reach out to any past or present professors if I need help.”

  • Magdalena Werger ?24

    “I was surprised at how smooth the transition from high school to college was! I feel very supported at Carthage, and I know that if I have a question of any sort, there are people all around to help me.”

  • Clayton Markech ?24

    “I chose Carthage because I had the opportunity to get large-school experiences at a small school where the professors can get to know me personally.”

  • Luke Ehlert ?24

    “The professors are truly passionate about their research and teaching, which in turn made me more passionate about research and learning. My relationships with my professors are the thing I love the most about Carthage.”

  • Kara R. Oldham

    “I chose Carthage for the location, small class sizes, and the limitless opportunities to pursue your passions. The views don’t hurt either!”

  • Laura Xiu Hung ?24

    “My classmates and professors make the environment fun and engaging, which really benefits my learning. Carthage professors are clearly passionate about the subjects they teach, and it’s easily reflected in the students’ learning.”

  • Nadia Musaitef ?25

    “I love how small and tight-knit the community is, and I really love the personal relationships that are made here. Carthage is more than just a school — it’s a family.”

  • Savita Chandarana

    “Carthage has something for everyone, allowing you to make friends with similar interests and share your passions with others.”

  • Elsie Berg

    “I’ve always felt out of place in life, but here at Carthage, I feel like I’m finally starting to figure out how I fit into the world and what I can make of it.”

  • Terrell Tremar Franklin

    “Carthage faculty have been really easy to talk to and approach. They are excited to see a student pursue things within their department and always make the time to assist students in their career journey.”

  • Mara Lysne ?25

    “Coming to Carthage was easily the best decision I have ever made. The people here are so kind, the professors are always willing to help and want you to succeed, and there are so many ways to get involved. Carthage will always and forever be one of my favorite places.”

  • Jana Ahlstrand

    “I chose Carthage because I wanted to be part of a community that would make it easy for me to connect and network with people.”

  • Juan Alberto Gomez-Solis ?25

    “The professors have all been very generous and passionate about their teaching. I am very grateful they go above and beyond to ensure their students succeed in class! Many of them make the environment comfortable — where you can be your true self.”

  • Elizabeth Neybert ?25

    “My advisors and professors have encouraged me to take risks and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me. They have helped me grow as a student and as an artist.”

What Gravity?
Experience weightlessness with NASA as an undergraduate student? At Carthage, students fly aboard NASA’s zero-gravity aircraft every year as part of Carthage’s ongoing work in space hardware technology development. Get floating.

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At Carthage, students don’t have to choose just one thing

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Maya Zenner

Maya Zenner ’25

Majors: Computer Science and Chinese 
Vice President of the Martial Arts Club

Double major PLUS leadership
EQUALS a leg up

“It’s fine if you have no idea what you want your major or minor to be yet! Taking a range of classes helped me to find what I was really interested in and, overall, has made me a more well-rounded person.” 

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Logan Dales

Logan Dales ’25

Majors: Physics and Studio Art (Ceramics)
NASA’s CubeSat Program, Men’s Swimming 

Scientific inquiry PLUS artistic expression
EQUALS an active mind

“The physics program here is amazing, with connections across the country that I’d hope would make for a great education and help me find a job post-graduation.”

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Abigail Davidson ?25

Abby Davidson ’25

Major: Allied Health Science (pre-professional phase leading to Master of Athletic Training)
Founder of the Native American Student Association at Carthage

Academic passions PLUS extracurricular ones
EQUAL the Carthage experience

“I have made so many amazing memories in organizations here at Carthage. I hope to continue being involved while pursuing the education of my dreams.” 

Read more about Abby

surround yourself with support

Carthage student Evan Blievernicht interned at Snap-on Tools, one of the many global companies he...

Designed exclusively for Carthage students, The Aspire Program merges traditional career development with entrepreneurship. Through specialized coaching, hands-on learning, mentoring, and on-campus activities year-round, we spread the tasks across four years to gently nudge you along toward a great job and a rewarding life.

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Did You Know…

98% of Carthage alumni report that they have secured a job or are continuing their studies six months after graduation.

More than 600 new and impending Carthage graduates took part in Commencement weekend May 26-28.

Our promise: All students who enter Carthage College as freshmen will graduate in four years with a bachelor’s degree. All students receive personal advising to create a four-year plan tailored to their educational goals. Carthage also assures students will have access to the courses they need to graduate in four years, without an excess course load. You’ll just need to meet a few requirements along the way.

Learn more about the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee

Did You Know…

50+ areas of study mean you can find what fuels you. New programs include engineering science, game development, social justice, film and new media, and theatrical stage management.

Professor Christine Blaine

Carthage professors’ passion for teaching is easy to spot. You’ll often see professors staying after class to make sure students have grasped the material. And while every professor has office hours, students learn fast that professors are always available to help.

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Carthage is, at its heart, a liberal arts college, meaning students are encouraged to explore, try new disciplines, and seek out connections between disciplines as they become well-rounded, prepared adults. 

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Did You Know…

100% of Carthage classes are taught by faculty members (not TAs).

Do More Than Hang Out



VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The Carthage men’s track & field team had three athletes compete in day one of the 2024 NCAA Division III Indoor Track & Field National Championships on Friday. Joseph White and Lucas Leal competed in the weight throw, while Chase Upmann raced in the preliminary round of the 800m. It was a successful day for the Firebirds, as White won his fourth national championship, defending his 2023 title in the event, and Upmann qualified to compete in the 800m finals.

White Claims Fourth National Title; Upmann Qualifies for 800m Final at NCAA National Championships

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